[Cubicweb] Fwd: issue with RQLVocabularyConstraint

afayolle afayolle.ml at free.fr
Mon Sep 23 13:01:43 CEST 2013


Here's some additional information about what I'm trying to do:

There are 4 entity types uses:

* Container
* Entry
* GroupA
* GroupB

The Container etype "contains" Entry entities, and Entry "contain"
GroupA and GroupB entities.

There is a 5th etype, ValuedRelAB which models a values relation between
GroupA and GroupB entities, with a constraint that both ends of that
valued relation should belong to the same Entry.

The edition of a GroupA entity uses an inline form to create the
ValueRelAB entity, and in this form the constraint is not processed,
leading to all GroupB entities being proposed. The code in bitbucket
uses a RQLVocabularyConstraint. Changing it to a RQLConstraint shows
that the constraint works, but only at commit time.

Changing the UI to have the ValuedRelAB created through the 'Add related
entity' action lets the constraint work, but it is an unnatural workflow
in the real-life use case.

I've submitted a ticket for this : http://www.cubicweb.org/ticket/3161121


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