[Cubicweb] CubicWeb requests by email

Celso FLORES celso.flores at crealibre.com
Mon Jan 14 19:09:37 CET 2013

Hi Mailing list.

We started working on a way to communicate with CubicWeb via Email, to get
some kind of e-mail navigation.

Imagine, you have people working with some clients without internet access
(imagine this can still be possible), and you want them to look for all the
projects we have in France, or Mexico, with python as technology.

Well with facets that's easy. But Without Internet, and only e-mail access,
we think people could write something like>

supercw at somesite.com
Project Filtered Zone/Mexico;France Technology/Python

And a result set could be send (security *ad hoc*).

We started a Discussion on this topic with Nico, who propose to create some
solution that could be implement on CubicWeb as an email send in ReST to CW
, and CW could understand it and send the result.

  Please CW, update me on this:


  Thank you.

This ticket was already started >


We will share our work on it, following clients specs on this, willing to
work with the community to make this functionality available to everyone.

As usual ideas are always welcome.

Knowledge Management Consultant
Mx. 044 81 80 75 04 73
celso.flores at crealibre.com        Skype: jcelsoflores
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