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Adrien Di Mascio adrien.dimascio at logilab.fr
Fri Dec 13 08:08:45 CET 2013


Le 12/12/2013 19:36, Vladimir Popescu a écrit :
> 1. Be able to add RQL-computed rsets, e.g.
>         pvdc.add_to(('Subject', 'attributes'),
>                     {'rql': 'DISTINCT Any X WHERE ...'
>                             '<restrictions on X>...',
>                      'vid': '...', 'label': '...'}),
>     where 'X' is implicitly the Subject. Here, we would use
>     'attributes' or 'relations', depending on the nature of
>     the computed rset.

I like the idea. I would however let the PrimaryViewSectionRelationTags 
(pvs) handle the dispatching on relations / attributes sections to keep 
things consistent.

> 2. Be able to add a callback which generates e.g. custom HTML and /
>     or navigates through the paths between entities. For example:
>         pvdc.add_to(('Subject', 'attributes'),
>                     {'callback': 'foo', 'vid': '...', ....})
>         def foo(w, entity):
>             displayable_ent = entity.relation[0].attribute
>             w(... displayable_ent ...)

This seems indeed the most generic approach since we would be able to 
implement business rules, "show if / else", etc.

> I would like to discuss on the opportunity of
> implementing these improvements / tackling these issues.
> A start could be to decide which tickets to add
> to the CW project.

That said ... I don't know if we're not trying too hard to find some 
nice declarative ways of handling complex cases. IMHO, we should be able 
to handle such cases by simply extending ``PrimaryView`` and overriding 
approriate methods. If we're not able to do this (i.e. without copying a 
whole method just to insert one line of code in the middle),  then it 
probably means that the ``PrimaryView`` API is badly designed.

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