[Cubicweb] status of the current stable branch wrt sioc / embed / geocoding cubes

Alexandre Fayolle ML afayolle.ml at free.fr
Fri Aug 16 16:16:52 CEST 2013

Hello folks,

I see that the current stable branch of Cubicweb is the 3.17.x branch. 
While trying to migrate to that branch, the 
bootstrapmigration_repository script printed strange notices about the 
sioc, embed and geocoding cubes (e.g. "In cubicweb 3.17 sioc views have 
been moved to the sioc cube, which is not installed. Continue anyway?").

IMO, it would be nicer if the upgrade process could auto detect this, 
but I understand that the information is probably not easily available, 
if at all. I have not checked the whole code in details, but correct me 
if I'm wrong: no magical import hack was done to transparently import 
from the new cubes when some code imports a view that was moved? In that 
case, the cube which uses the sioc / embed / geocoding views has to be 
updated, and must depend on the appropriate new cube otherwise there 
will be a crash at import time. So this leaves me wondering about this 
action in the backend migration code.

Final note : CW 3.17 is the stable branch, but the status of the sioc / 
embed / geocoding cubes is unclear : no stable branch in the mercurial 
repository, versions are not tagged as published on the forge, or are 
published but the tickets are still open.

Kind regards,


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