[Cubicweb] Delicate permissions

St├ęphane Bugat stephane.bugat at free.fr
Wed Sep 19 12:32:08 CEST 2012

> I would try to run the ERQLExpression query on a cw shell to make
> sure
> it returns something :
>  >>> rql('Any X WHERE X eid %(email_eid)s, X visibility TRUE, P
>  >>> is_user
> U, U eid %(the_user)s, P in_contact_with S, S use_email X')

Already tried as RQL request in the searchbox of the site: returns an empty rset. Just tried in a cw shell: also returns an empty rset. You were right!

> > Is there any specific permission either on in_contact_with or
> > use_email ?
> that's a good point: you should  check all permissions in the chain
> (eg relations
> above and Person)

Hum. 'is_user' has the default relation permissions. However, 'in_contact_with' has some specific permissions::

    __permissions__ = {
            'read': ('managers', 'users'),
            'add': ('managers',),
            'delete': ('managers', RRQLExpression('S is_user U OR O is_user U')),

The 'add' restriction to 'managers' comes from the fact that I wanted a user not to be able to directly set a relation with a given person. He can only send a demand workflow to the recipient person, and there is a hook that creates the relation once the demand is accepted by the recipient...
However this is about 'add' operation, not 'read' operation which is not limited until now...

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