[Cubicweb] OrbUI News - 20/Sept/2012

Celso FLORES celso.flores at crealibre.com
Fri Sep 21 02:25:26 CEST 2012

Hola Lista de CubicWeb,

This mail just to thank you for the flow of code you sent to the OrbUI
cube, which we will continue to develop.

As discussed earlier on the Public Jabber Forum, we are planning to change
the Mercurial repository we had from Bitbucket.org to
We will indeed, need the proper credentials to make changes and manage that
repository, which we know Logilab can certainly provide (David?).

We will review the patches related and manage the cube, willing to see
those so well known benefits that gathers from collaboration.

- - - - -

First goals :

1. Publish all reviewed patches.
We are expecting the credentials from Logilab, in order to do so.

2. Fixing these two last observations related to these patches :

2.1 Patch with XML error (already sent to rework):
(related to HTML Tag, as in comment.. XML bad formatting .)

2.2 Patch about the cw_minimum_css cube.

Some words about this Cube (cw_minimum_css) :

On the OrbUI cube project began, we created this cube to clean up almost
all CSS from CubicWeb. so we can relay this job to bootstrap framework in
the orbui project.
We only left a few classes to remain CubicWeb working with some Javascript
Then, we start adapting the Boostrap Classes to Cw, and rewriting some HTML
in the OrbUI project.

Therefore, we advice to keep this cube on the OrbUI project, until CubicWeb
could be CSS free (IF).

Please feel free to give any advice or Feedback.

CreaLibre Team.
Greetings from sunny Monterrey, Mexico.

Knowledge Management Consultant
Mx. 044 81 80 75 04 73
celso.flores at crealibre.com        Skype: jcelsoflores
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