[Cubicweb] OrbUI status / Paris CW Sprint ?

Celso FLORES celso.flores at crealibre.com
Wed Oct 17 18:06:01 CEST 2012

Hi List,

Some news :

Concerning OrbUI

At the project/cube name OrbUI <http://www.orbui.com>, we applied Logilab
patches (Thanks!) and made some tuning concerning the Reledit Pencil, and
some bug fixing.

It should work better now (except for the Schema Png/image export).

We would continue developing OrbUI and planning a release, tested with
major cubes, somewhere between December and January 2013.

OrbUI Repository

Our official repository from now on:


You may pull from there to the cubicweb.org repository.

OrbUI website :


CubicWeb Sprint on December ?

We will be spending the holidays in France (Carine et Moi). We would love
to see Logilab and CubicWeb Community there, and propose a sprint somewhere
(probably Paris, and the 13ème Arrondissement sounds good...).

We could help mainly on bringing components of CW to HTML5/Bootstrap

We will be available at Paris from Dec 13th (We arrive the 12th).


Knowledge Management Consultant
Mx. 044 81 80 75 04 73
celso.flores at crealibre.com        Skype: jcelsoflores
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