[Cubicweb] Datafeed usage and documentation

Arthur Lutz arthur.lutz at logilab.fr
Mon Oct 8 12:26:11 CEST 2012

Hi list,

Am trying to use datafeed to import some data into my instance (in this
case a simple ical importer).

I have been reading the code to understand some of the inner workings of
this, but I guess the people who wrote it might help me out (on the list
and maybe then in the documentation).

So far, I use the DataFeedParser

class IcalDataFeedParser(DataFeedParser):
    __registry__ = 'parsers'
    __regid__ = 'ical'

Then I rewrite "def process(self, url)" where the parsing happens. I now
have my structured data at hand to insert as cubicweb data. First
attempts kept getting me duplicated data. Am now failing to use

I am not too sure I understand the magic of "extid2entity". I would
imagine that I should decide which piece of information identifies a
single element of data (uid or URI or title + date for example) and then
have a mechanism for exists/create/update, is this extid2entity ?

I have to use "def parse" from DataFeedXMLParser - why is this not in
DataFeedParser ? Looks generic from my point of view.

Are there any recent cubes I can get inspiration from ?



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