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Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 15:47:22 CET 2012

> That's nice work. Improving the way to build the UI on top of CubicWeb
> is badly needed. Let us know when there is a repository we can clone
> to give the thing a try.

Thank you Nico, We have done some changes to play with selectors and let
the cubicweb components appear in other sections of the new "maintemplate"
we have, for sure I know that these changes should be done in a more
"cubicweb-style" way but I am still learning about the coding way.

You should be able to take a look to this repository at the end of this
week, good thing is that we have both options (foundation and bootstrap) in
the same repository.

We have a cube called "cw_minimum_css" that we use to "sweep away" most of
the original css in cubicweb, I am not very happy about the way this cube
is, but it has helped us to make the test easily, you will be needing this
cube too.


Carlos Balderas
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