[Cubicweb] Cubicweb & Orbui Project / First Approach

Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 18:46:23 CET 2012

Hi List!

We have done a little research willing to make more faster and easier the
"web development", application prototyping and web design using cubicweb
framework. What we wish is to let the community know this work has been
done, get some feedback from people interested in this topic and mainly
find the way to colaborate with cubicweb project.

What we are looking for is to complement cubicweb with tools for rapid
prototyping, flexible grid, responsive design and layouts for mobile
devices, and we think through foundation framework (
http://foundation.zurb.com) we could achieve that.

Recently a new colaborator has join to our team, great!, crealibre has 4
people now :), he is a designer with a nice background.
He is helping us now to evaluate what things could we do in order
to achieve this goals and he has recommended us foundation framework, you
can find a short but very clear article he wrote here.

We could get lots of benefits from these kind of tools, especially when
building web applications. Also we have a new model or proposal to change
cubicweb structure to take advantage of the component management system you
have created, make components responsive and also we think we can make
navigation a little bit more intuitive, that would be a lot easier having
this kind of framework implemented in cubicweb, but you'll get
another research about this topic later, now, we'd like to focus on this
first step.

We decided to put hands on work and create a project we have called orbui
to make the first approach. Here is a article I wrote about the process we
followed to get cubicweb working with orbui.

Now, for the unbeliever you can check out this demo,
http://www.crealibre.net:8099/ , which is forge cube using orbui, as you
will see, most of the cubicweb css is gone now and foundation framework has
taken over it.

Feel free to play around everywhere so you can find out all changes which I
think look very cool.
It is very important to point out that this demo is the first approach and
we consider this a TEST, you probability find some bugs or some areas to
make improvements, but we consider that is important to share this project
right now and try to get feedback about it.

We have doubts about if some of this work could be integrated in Cubicweb
framework or you would like to keep aside Orbui project or the combination
of both.

Now, we have built 2 cubes to get this work done (one for orbui and other
to clean CubicWeb css), and we have found out that we are needing some html
re-structuring in Cubicweb to be completely responsive and get also the
benefits of using semantic html, accessibility, etc. We would like to make
this contribution to Cubicweb but we feel like needing some guidance and
coaching to be as close as possible with the developer team to integrate
these changes to the framework (in case you would like to have this of

We will appreciate very much if you get the time to check this work out and
give us your feed back.

Carlos Balderas
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