[Cubicweb] Bootstrap 2, Orbui 1 and CubicWeb 4

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr
Fri Apr 27 18:15:10 CEST 2012

Le 27/04/2012 17:26, Nicolas Chauvat a écrit :
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 04:53:17PM +0200, Aurélien Campéas wrote:
>> * by default fonts are much bigger than now and the ratio between
>> h1/normal text way bigger than needs to be
>> * low contrast text colors (grey on grey is not great)
>> * the main template seems to center the page
>> * I suspect there is also a kind of max width there
> That's the default style. It can be changed, refer to
> http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/less.html

Interstingly, this page shows some issues with either chrome of ffox if 
the window is narrow enough (nothing absurd, my standard working width, 
ie a half 24" ...).

Nothing that cannot be fixed (e.g: by setting a wider absolute width for 
the offending elements (460px to 500px)), but that worries me a bit 
because in the real life I never want to specify absolute widths for 
most content/containers, because I CANT.

>> * right boxes exhibit weird width change depending on dynamic
>> content change (e.g see the "tagged by" box)
>> * the actions menus are no better organized than before (worse imo)
>> * I see global window scrollbars appearing/disappearing while the
>> mouse hovers over the tiny reledit icon
>> * the reledit iframe appears as a small dot (I had this artifact
>> with jquery.mobile ui also)
> That's how it works now, but crealibre/zemantica said that a large
> part of orbui is exploring how to switch CW to Bootstrap. They did not
> say that Orbui is ready for production or is frozen. Quite the opposite.

Of course ! These remarks are meant as a positive feedback/criticism 
based on my personal perceptions.

>> These are details and I see great value in a big cleanup of
>> cubicweb's current look and underlying css structure.
>> Esp. as it will make it easier for css specialists to provide patchs, etc.
>> I'd like to start a cw patch integrating cw_minimal_css ...
>> I for sure can't make a statement such as "bootstrap will be in cw
>> 4" ... in part because there is no such a thing as cw 4 in sight
>> righ now :)
>> The ideal would be an incremental path.
> What do you think about extracting cubicweb.web.views.* into a cube
> and make it replaceable by orbui ?

What about turning cubicweb.web into a replaceable cube ?
Stretching the same idea, one could imagine a whole "core cube" 
providing the existing set of appobjects.

Then such a cube would be (slowly?) split into smaller cubes.

The important thing here is to consider the existing codebase as an 
interface that should be strictly observed, for compatibility reasons, 
by "replacement cubes" such as orbui.

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