[Cubicweb] Bootstrap 2, Orbui 1 and CubicWeb 4

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr
Fri Apr 27 16:53:17 CEST 2012

Le 23/04/2012 16:49, Nicolas Chauvat a écrit :
> Hi List,
> I have had the time (at last) to test Orbui by trying to migrate an
> existing app (our internal crm) to it. Orbui replaces the
> base/standard views of CubicWeb with views that generate HTML meant
> for the Bootstrap framework. Since the team of an important project at
> Logilab has been playing with Bootstrap for a demo, I had to do my
> homework and go read documentation to compare Bootstrap to other
> options.
> My conclusion is that I very much liked what I saw in
> Orbui/Bootstrap. I think Crealibre/Zemantica is right here: Bootstrap
> is the way to go if we are to pick a framework for the frontend (in
> the browser). My thanks to the authors for sharing this.

I've no opinion on Bootstrap and no time nor skill to thruthfully 
evaluate it. I hope it is a bit like jquery: not only widely endorsed 
but also genuinely powerful ! I'll trust our fellows at crealibre on that...

> There are still rough edges and work needed, but building on Orbui
> that picked Bootstrap will be easy compared to starting from scratch
> to reinvent the wheel or lose time with the wrong frontend framework.
> As I said, I have started to try migrating existing apps to Orbui and
> played with Bootstrap for something else. If other core developers
> agree with the target "Moving to orbui/bootstrap", the main problem
> will be to find a migration path to get there.
> The first issue is that orbui replaces the standard views in the
> registry, but many applications have views that *derive* from the

To some extent this can be addressed by monkeypatching methods instead 
of wholesale appobject replacement.

> standard views. These application views have to be modified to derive
> from orbui views instead. It means modification in the code that make
> it incompatible with the rest of the cubes, unless these cubes have
> migrated to orbui/bootstrap. In the current state, there are also
> issues with javascript code (I did not get the facets to work properly
> out of the box for example).
> Could the core developers get a close look at orbui/bootstrap and tell
> the list if they agree with an objective such as "Bootstrap will be
> the frontend framework of CubicWeb 4"?

I suspect overall we will get this into cubicweb core.
I have some reserves on some points however, based on what I've seen on 
the demo:

* by default fonts are much bigger than now and the ratio between 
h1/normal text way bigger than needs to be
* low contrast text colors (grey on grey is not great)
* the main template seems to center the page
* I suspect there is also a kind of max width there
* right boxes exhibit weird width change depending on dynamic content 
change (e.g see the "tagged by" box)
* the actions menus are no better organized than before (worse imo)
* I see global window scrollbars appearing/disappearing while the mouse 
hovers over the tiny reledit icon
* the reledit iframe appears as a small dot (I had this artifact with 
jquery.mobile ui also)
* the css in the inspector looks a bit weird

These are details and I see great value in a big cleanup of cubicweb's 
current look and underlying css structure.

Esp. as it will make it easier for css specialists to provide patchs, etc.

I'd like to start a cw patch integrating cw_minimal_css ...
I for sure can't make a statement such as "bootstrap will be in cw 4" 
... in part because there is no such a thing as cw 4 in sight righ now :)

The ideal would be an incremental path.

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