[Cubicweb] A few questions regarding CubicWeb customization

Fidel Viegas development at kazomosolutions.biz
Tue Sep 20 21:22:52 CEST 2011

Hi Aurélien,

On 20/09/11 08:35, aurélien campéas wrote:
>     where do you want to hide them? In the invoice entity (primary)
>     view? On their dedicated page (/<line items>)?
> All the entities are inevitably always available ... I mean browseable 
> in some way or another.
> Now if you want to never show end-users some line under 
>  http://..../eid/42 (that would be a line item) one solution is to 
> redefine the line item primary view to redirect to the 
> enclosing/containing invoice entity (primary view).

Thanks for your explanations.

> Is this the kind of things you are looking for ?

Well, I wanted to hide it in the main area (manage), but given that you 
have said that all entities are inevitably visible, someone 
knowledgeable could manipulate the url in order to access the hidden 

>         PS: By the way, your framework is really nice. Had I
>         discovered it earlier, I would have solved quite a lot of
>         problems I have encountered when developing semantic web
>         applications.
> Don't hesitate to tell the world ;-)
> I'm also convinced cubicweb has some unique awesome features inside 
> ... but communicating about it is hard !
Yes. Some really good software sometimes do not get the advertisement 
they deserve. Quite a lot of Python programmers have heard of OpenERP, 
Django or TurboGears, but really few have heard of CubicWeb. I have only 
heard about it because I was actually looking for a semantic web 
framework, and it was one of the first in the search results. Since I am 
also a Python developer, I decided to give it a look and was really 
surprised to learn that it actually supports automatic generation of 
what I have been manually implementing in Ruby on Rails.

>     CubicWeb is a very nice framework indeed (not mine I am afraid,
>     but Logilab's). You are very welcome to contribute, either telling
>     what documentation to improve first or simply blogging about your
>     application using CubicWeb, or with actual code like your own
>     cubes or contribution to the core framework.
>     Do not forget to "reply all" to keep the mailing list in the copy
>     section of your emails and get better support through all the
>     CubicWeb experts around.
> or even better "reply to list" (if your mail agent allow this)
That is what Thunderbird normally does when I hit the reply button to a 
mailing list, but I guess I have to pay more attention.

Thanks a lot for all the support you guys have been providing me with.

I will dig deeper into the framework and the examples provided.

Best Regards,

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