[Cubicweb] A few questions regarding CubicWeb customization

aurélien campéas aurelien.campeas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 09:35:53 CEST 2011

2011/9/20 Florent Cayré <florent.cayre at gmail.com>

> Hi Fidel,
> Le 20/09/2011 00:23, Fidel Viegas a écrit :
>> Hi Florent,

>> While reading the documentation and looking at a few cubes, another
>> question occurred to me. I was particularly looking at the expenses cube,
>> and the invoice came to my mind automatically. Usually an invoice has a
>> relationship with line items, where line items are dependent on the invoice
>> entity. If you delete the invoice entity, automatically the line item is
>> deleted because it does not make much sense on its own. What I would like to
>> know is if there is any way to hide this entity and have it only shown in an
>> invoice. So, when you click on a new invoice, it automatically has the link
>> to add line items to its form (I figured how to do this, so that is
>> resolved). I just wanted to hide the line items entities and show them only
>> in the invoice entity form. Is this possible? All the example cubes I have
>> looked into have all the entities available.
>>  where do you want to hide them? In the invoice entity (primary) view? On
> their dedicated page (/<line items>)?

All the entities are inevitably always available ... I mean browseable in
some way or another.

Now if you want to never show end-users some line under  http://..../eid/42
(that would be a line item) one solution is to redefine the line item
primary view to redirect to the enclosing/containing invoice entity (primary

Is this the kind of things you are looking for ?

>> PS: By the way, your framework is really nice. Had I discovered it
>> earlier, I would have solved quite a lot of problems I have encountered when
>> developing semantic web applications.
Don't hesitate to tell the world ;-)
I'm also convinced cubicweb has some unique awesome features inside ... but
communicating about it is hard !

>>  CubicWeb is a very nice framework indeed (not mine I am afraid, but
> Logilab's). You are very welcome to contribute, either telling what
> documentation to improve first or simply blogging about your application
> using CubicWeb, or with actual code like your own cubes or contribution to
> the core framework.
> Do not forget to "reply all" to keep the mailing list in the copy section
> of your emails and get better support through all the CubicWeb experts
> around.
or even better "reply to list" (if your mail agent allow this)

> Also note that you can get even faster support on jabber (see
> https://jabber.logilab.org/ for example, but you can also use your usual
> jabber client).
> Regards,
> Florent.
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