[Cubicweb] cube proposal for i18n content management

Florent Cayré florent.cayre at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 05:50:06 CEST 2011

Hi Sylvain,
> On 12 septembre 17:11, aurélien campéas wrote:
>> 2011/9/12 Florent Cayré<florent.cayre at gmail.com>
>>> Hi list,
> yo
>>> I am about to write a new cube for my own needs: easily write and maintain
>>> a web site with textual content translated in several languages.
>>> I do not like CMS-like solutions where content translations only reside in
>>> the database, but would like to maintain them in mercurial too (providing
>>> the ability to easily rollback, see versino history, and so on).
>>> Below is the small document I just wrote about it, with specifications and
>>> first implementation directions.
>>> If you know a better/ more general way to do it or have any suggestion,
>>> please tell me through the list.
>> I am sure it does not cover everything you want but there is the 'document'
>> cube ... It mixes vcsfile and i18ncontent. It was extracted from the
>> Docaster application used to manage the code aster documentation (hundreds
>> of openoffice documents in a mercurial repository) with a branchy history
>> and translations. Still as of today it is a base for Docaster.
>> Document handles plain files that represent translations of other plain
>> files ...
>> So it does not fit the bill wrt your (more general) requirements.
>> Just making sure you know the existence of these things.
>> I wish you fun&  good luck building your hg-backed cms :)
>> (somehow I think the hg-backed thing&  i18n thing ought to be completely
>> independently usable, e.g I'd like to use a component as written below to
>> handle the i18n aspects of a blog without being tied to
>> VersionContent/vcsfile entities)
> sounds like a HGStorage could be the way to go (see BFSStorage in cw for
> an example).
not so sure because the alternative storage is not intended to be 
manipulated by another system than CW, like mercurial would do in my 

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