[Cubicweb] [cwo] New project: cubicweb-localperms

Alexandre Fayolle alexandre.fayolle at logilab.fr
Wed Sep 7 13:04:10 CEST 2011

On Tuesday 06 September 2011 14:15:40 Sylvain Thenault wrote:
> A new project was created by sthenault: #1913836 - cubicweb-localperms
> Summary
> -------
> allow definition of local permissions
> Description
> -----------
> This cube includes `CWPermission` and other stuff providing a common basis
> to security models requiring 'local' permissions (not site wide for a
> given group but according to some context entity)

Does this mean that cubes using CWPermission will need to depend on the 
localperms cube because this will no longer be supported by bare CW ? In which 
release is the transition scheduled ? 

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