[Cubicweb] fullcalendar cube

Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 19:45:29 CET 2011

Hi List,

I'd like to tell you about calendarf cube:

Breif: This cube aims to be like google calendar for instance (as many
others), where we can be able to manage calendar events using fullcalendar
jquery plug-in.

1.- Cube has been migrated to cubicweb 3.11, since fullcalendar is
integrated to cubicweb in this version, all work went a lot easier. thank
you =)!.
2.- CalendarEvent entity has been adapted to ICalendarableAdapter.
3.- Calendarf cubes enables to modify start and end dates using the
fullcalendar's events, eventDrop and eventResize.
    An idea would be to extend ICalendarableAdapter to have these two
methods, Drop and Resize at hand  to save entity to database.
4.- Also we tried to make standard way of coding but I know the cube has
some improvements to apply, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Next step, We are working on repeat feature in an event: Does not repeat,
Daily, Every weekday (Monday-Friday),Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday, etc.

But before we move on, We'd like your opinion about these points:

1.- Would calendarf fit in event cube?
http://www.cubicweb.org/project/cubicweb-event ?,  or vice-versa.
2.- In case the calendarf cube remains in a different cube, What would be a
good name for this cube?. We have thought in "Agenda" for instance, but
maybe this is not exactly the concept, all opinions are welcome.

I have made the push of this changes to logilab's repo, but there is a
process overwriting last changes.

Thank you,
Have a good weekend.
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