[Cubicweb] Error while defining a relation

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Thu Jul 7 16:00:32 CEST 2011

On 07 juillet 15:32, Dominique GEFFROY wrote:
> In fact, what I really wanted to do is to add this relation has_file
> to all the entity type of my schema that all derive from the same
> entity type.
> Let's say I have a parent entity type class A and several entity
> type class B, C, etc that all derive directly or not from class A.
> I first tried to to give A as the subject of the relation but then I
> got an error when I tried to add this relation to an entity of type
> B for example. The error was about incompatible types and I supposed
> that the relation was not inherited in the subclasses of A. That's
> why I used "*" to add the relation to all the entity types, I don't
> know if there is a better way to do so ?

if you define this relation in class A (using SubjectRelation),
then all subclasses will have it.
Else, you can also explicitly list all entity types that should
have it as 'subject'
> Anyway, I thought I had to define at least the cardinality of the
> relation because it is "*" ( each entity can have several has_file
> relations) and it seems that the default cardinality is "1". I
> actually tried to define the relation with only subject and object
> attributes but then I got entities with only one has_file
> relation... And when I add the cardinality attribute in the
> relation, I have the reported error about the composite attribute...
> Does it mean that I should create an entity for the object of the
> relation ? If a relation with String as object is automatically an
> attribute relation, maybe it is not possible to have a cardinality
> different from 1 in such relation ?

yep, attribute relations can only have ? or 1 cardinality. We should
have an error when trying to do otherwise. When you want multiple
values, you currently have to define an entity type.
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