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Aurélien Campéas aurelien.campeas at logilab.fr
Thu Dec 22 11:47:47 CET 2011

Le 21/12/2011 20:13, Celso FLORES a écrit :
> Hi List,

Hi Celso,

I felt a Santa Klaus coming yesterday ... :)

> At CreaLibre from Monterrey Mexico, we have been working with CubicWeb
> since 2009.
> CubicWeb’s strength lies in the pursuit of semantic value. This has
> largely been achieved on the back-end, at the data-base level. However,
> there are some areas in which we believe CW could be improved,
> especially concerning the HTML and CSS that is generated to present the
> data to human viewers.
> Therefore we have been working since last week, in a project to
> integrate a CSS Flexible Framework with CubicWeb.
> We call this project *Orbui *

Is there some meaning behind the name ?

> Activities we have done  so far:
> 1. Analysing the HTML from CubicWeb
> - Testing transition to a Tableless Flexible design.
> -  Writing a document on Proposals for a XHTML and HTML5 Footer and Header.
> Proposed Changes for the Header and Footer Elements in CubicWeb Applications
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1jvFPTwvPC-RBaA8KJWr9lxORFR3wKjrKdYeo9rHDDxw
> This document was based on the default setting of CubicWeb. We are aware
> that header might contain dynamic elements.

Also note that the current CW header/structure is broken. There is a 
languishing patch that would fix it but it has been deemed "not good 
enoug" (even though it has only one minor flaw and repairs the visual 

> 2. CSS Frameworks
> At first we thought to develop the Framework from Scratch.
> After a little research we found that people has already do great job in
> this topic.
> For instance, Bootstrap from Twitter and Foundation from Zurb.
> http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/
> http://foundation.zurb.com/ <http://foundation.zurb.com/>
> We also did a comparison document (thanks to Bruni) and choose
> Foundation, specially considering Flexible Design Rendering and painless
> implementation.
> Here you can read the doc:
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1DY8PEgNaliRnbpLv1R6oIGK4WYwVLftdMkVX0wEOGoA
> <http://foundation.zurb.com/>
> 3. Adapting Foundation to CubicWeb.
> a. Creating a cube and removing almost all CSS from CubicWeb.
> b. Creating the Orbui cube and start Implementing Foundation CSS and JS.
> c. Adapting a Custom CSS.
> In January we should put a demo site and a repository to share with the
> community.
> *Activities we are planning: **
> *
> - Restructuring Primary, Edition, List, Reledit, Boxes etc. to render in
> XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3 , according to W3C standards (all visual components
> from CW if needed)
> - Look and feel :  Images and CSS3 rendering.
> - New UI for CRUD by default.
> - New Manage views.
> ---------------
> All code would be of course released Open Source.
> - We know this should take time.
> - This mail is to inform you about this work we are doing and to start
> the exchange of ideas.
> - If at some moment you are willing to implement any of this in CW, we
> would like to help and get some guidance.

We operate under the constraint that out of the box cubicweb works with 
IE 7/8 (most of our paying customers mandate some IE version). Hence 
whatever niceties are brought with css3/html5, it should always degrade 
very gracefully under the old klunky browsers.

Then, if the default cw look could be enhanced at the same time, that 
would be very good news. We are a bit ugly right now :)

> Thanks for all the great work at CW and the time you spend helping new
> members.

Do you plan to host the orbui cube on cwo ? This would allow core cw 
developpers & users to see things happen progressively and possibly 
comment, review & patch along.

Also, since you are bringing css/ui expertise, what about you guys 
becoming the ui/css/html defacto reviewers for cubicweb ui/web related 
patches ?


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