[Cubicweb] win32: my first instance is running - some experiences and suggestions

Dr.Leo stefan.pankoke at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 27 23:08:13 CEST 2010


>> 2. Thee db-init command raised a number of ddeprecation warnings and
>> a Runtime error (see attached log). So I don't know if the database
>> has been set up properly. The blog cube's version is only a few days
>> old, so it should normally be ok. Maybe the blog cube would benefit
>> from some face-lifting.
> Looking at the logs you sent, everything looks ok. A new release
> of the blog cube should occurs soon, fixing most of the warnings.

... The runtime error (too many recursions) concerns me more than the 
>> 3. Starting the instance as a service does not work for some unknown
>> reason. Registration with win32svc install did not raise any error
>> though. At least running the instance in debug mode works.
> Hum, maybe Alexandre has an hint on this?
>> 4. Having played around a little with the blog cube, I am impressed
>> by its functionality. rST2html rendering does not seem to work
>> though. No big deal.
> Do you have docutils installed ?
Sure. My only point was that an enumeration with '*' as enumerator was 
not rendered properly. I'll play around with it and get back to you if 

>  not our number one priority, we definitly want to enhance 
> accessibility support.
> Please give us any insight that may help here. Don't hesitate to open tickets
> on the tracker, so we don't forget about it.
Great! I'll do that. See also the quick-and-dirty comments in my 
previous e-mail.

>> 5. German language
>> It is missing. If no one is working on this, I could give it a try,
>> time permitting. For my own projects I would do it anyway. But so
>> far I haven't even read the docs on internationalization. Any views?
> It's missing, an such a contribution would be greatly appreciated. If you
> want to work on this, first thing would be to translate cubicweb's message
> catalogs in cubicweb/i18n/ : simply copy the en.po file into a de.po file
> and start translating message.
> Great! - However, I am a bit confused now as the FAQ 1.2.4 talks about the pod file rather than po. Well, I'll go with po first. - I wonder if there is an automatted way of doing so with a script that reads po files pythonically, than translates the messages with the Google API and writes back the po file. There should be Python bindings for gettext and the Google (or other) translation API. - I'll do it manually though, time permitting, as the results are definitely much better.

>    Leo

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