[Cubicweb] Accessibility

Dr.Leo stefan.pankoke at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 27 22:53:30 CEST 2010

Am 27.09.2010 15:05, schrieb Florent Cayré:
> Hi all,
> Hi,

> we indeed are in the process of an accessiweb
> (http://www.accessiweb.org/) "certification" for one of our sites,
> namely http://www.idf.veolia-transport.fr, developed using CubicWeb.

> At the end of this certification (coming soon hopefully, but there is
> still some work to be done, the most obvious being improving color
> constrast), we will indeed be able to give you some technical feedback
> :
> * a reusable, tableless form renderer and maybe modified widgets (I
> think we already made feedback on radio button widget, didn't we?)
> * tricks we used to have ajax enabled but still accessible forms (see
> simple example of search "par ville" -i.e. by city- on
> http://www.idf.veolia-transport.fr/Transports-horaires-recherche or
> http://www.idf.veolia-transport.fr/service-client for a more advanced
> one)
That's quite impressive. I'm not an expert, just a screen reader user. 
I'll file tickets as needed. You will have seen the W3C accessibility 
guidelines. There are also a number of demonstration sites on this 
topic. For me the most important thing is that all non-textual 
hyperlinks are labled (or tagged, I don't know), likewise all HTML 
elements such as buttons, graphics, form fields etc. I suppose most 
screen readers try and guess the meaning of check boxes etc. by speaking 
the text next to them. But this does not always work. - A world without 
tables whose only purpose is formatting, would be too good to be true.


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