[Cubicweb] Higher-level API for rtags

Julien Jehannet julien.jehannet at logilab.fr
Mon Sep 27 10:26:51 CEST 2010

> * Florent Cayré <florent at secondweb.fr> [26-sep-2010 14:53]:
> Reading your post, I wonder if we should not make form config classes
> inherit from AppObject so that they are selectable at run-time :
> * this would allow run-time configuration of a single form, based on
> DB content for example ; although this could be misused to put things
> in the DB that should rather be coded, CW users will probably find
> useful use cases (on that comes to my mind is to allow per user
> configuration of widgets to have a very customizable interface)
> * your form config classes would then simply implement a selector
> (very often a combination like "implements('MyEType') &&
> match_user_groups('MyUserGroup')" I guess) instead of a plain etype
> attribute, and could use properties to dynamically compute the form
> configuration (e.g. query the db to know which date time widget a user
> prefers).

+1 as well,

IMO, another benefits from using selectors is to:
- better reuse existing uicfg declarations
- garanty some kind of ubiquiness by preventing from duplicates in
  different locations by raising a NoSelectableObject exception if
  ambiguity was found
- permit to test uicfg configuration by the registry API which
  should be already known by every CubicWeb developer.

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