[Cubicweb] Install of cubicweb-blog does not work properly

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Wed Sep 22 08:44:32 CEST 2010

On 22 septembre 00:09, Dr.Leo wrote:
>  Hi,

> Thanks for this mixed feedback. I understand that my detailed posts
> about installation on Windows may bore those who have a working CW
> environment. And frankly I would rather like to have one sooner than
> later to get to the really interesting stuff. However, it appears
> that installation on Linux is much better supported due to the more
> mature packaging system than Windows. I also get the impression that
> CW developers are keen to make it smoothly installable on Windows
> which is - like it or not - a popular platform. And if I have to go
> through a somewhat bumpy installation process I make an effort to
> let people know what might be wrong rather than working silently for
> myself which would arguably not contribute to solving any problem.

and we're indeed thankful for that.
> My concern regarding where cubes are installed is that there should
> be a consistent policy. Either install them all in site-packages or
> in Pythonxy/share/cubicweb/cubes/, but not some here and others
> there depending on whether you use pip or not. So it is not about
> some fiddling until it happens to work on my machine, but to make CW
> installation more fun in the future. Before using symlinks or
> whatever on Widnows I'd rather copy the package dir or egg file
> somewhere else.

Having a cube installed in site-packages rather the share/cubicweb/cubes
when using pip/easy_install is definitly a bug in the cube installer
(or in distribute/setuptools, but we should also find the workaround then).
Does it work better with the trick I gave you ?
> Back to the blog cube: I am not so sure if the Pyro dependency is
> necessary given that the docs say that one can live without unless
> one wants to use multiple machines.

The pyro dependency is installed because the cube depends on cubicweb,
which depends on pyro. And pyro is actually optional, but we've no
way to express this with distribute/setuptools, so every recommended
package is marked as a dependency. May be we should only add what's 
stricly necessary and let the user add alone optional packages.

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