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Carlos Balderas carlos.balderas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 16:08:28 CEST 2010

We find forge as a great project management tool,  we are building a scrum
cube to be set on top of forge cube just to have certain tools for such
methodology, so anyway we find interesting to add some general views for
projects, versions and tickets in forge, we will let you know which views we
are making, in case you are interesting in something like that.

One example is to have a second option to display the burndown chart of the
project version. e.g.

* Burndown Control Chart .- the idea is to make this a configurable view, so
in case someone do not want to use LowerControlLimit and UpperControlLimit,
so it will become a traditional burndown chart, in terms to see the work to
be done on estimated time.
In case of using Limits we can take some advantage of them either in real
time or to be used in statistics.

Some other functionalities like graphics tools, a dashboard, warnings and
notifications about some indicators are desired to be done in scrum cube, we
will try to identify general features to see if they can be implemented in
forge cube.

Carlos Balderas

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 6:53 AM, Aurélien Campéas
<aurelien.campeas at free.fr>wrote:

> Le 10/09/10 09:18, Florent Cayré a écrit :
>  Hi all,
>> it really sounds like we really should drop trac for CubicWeb here at
>> SecondWeb.
>> And write a blog on this ;-)
>> Regards,
>> Florent.
> Hi,
> are there any trac features that would be missed in the forge cube ?
> (icalendar support ? gantt chart ? diff views for versioned files ?)
> roundup: I see they have a command line interface, wouldn't that be nice ?
> :)
> issue submission via mail ?
> jira:
> dashboards ?
> keybords shortcuts ?
> code review ?
> issue/changeset relation ?
> Aurélien.
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