[Cubicweb] win32: my first instance is running - some experiences and suggestions

Dr.Leo stefan.pankoke at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 26 10:42:25 CEST 2010


thanks to the fabulous support on this list from the Logilab team I 
managed to successfully start my very first instance on win32 using the 
standard blog cube.

There are still some issues, but it is good to see an impressive admin 
interface and to have created a blog and some entries. The issues are:

1. I had to set more environment variables than mentioned in the 
"Installation on Windows section": CW_INSTANCE_DIR and 
CW_INSTANCE_DATA_DIR. This solves the error described in my last e-mail. 
Please ignore.

2. Thee db-init command raised a number of ddeprecation warnings and a 
Runtime error (see attached log). So I don't know if the database has 
been set up properly. The blog cube's version is only a few days old, so 
it should normally be ok. Maybe the blog cube would benefit from some 

3. Starting the instance as a service does not work for some unknown 
reason. Registration with win32svc install did not raise any error 
though. At least running the instance in debug mode works.

4. Having played around a little with the blog cube, I am impressed by 
its functionality. rST2html rendering does not seem to work though. No 
big deal.

5. Accessibility: Due to a visual handicap I am using a so-called screen 
reading software to output speech and Braille distilled from the screen 
content. For webpages to be accessible to visually-impared, some w3c 
guidelines should be observed. In particular: links, buttons and other 
html elements need to be labelled to supply meaningful speech output. 
There is room for improvement here. E.g. the search button and the "add 
entity" links are ntot labelled. I know this is not your first priority, 
but it would be very useful to comply with generally acepted standards. 
Clearly, these lables would need to be gettext-aware.

5. German language

It is missing. If no one is working on this, I could give it a try, time 
permitting. For my own projects I would do it anyway. But so far I 
haven't even read the docs on internationalization. Any views?

Thanks again, Leo

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