[Cubicweb] primaryview_display_ctrl use can break 'see all' link

Alexandre Fayolle alexandre.fayolle at logilab.fr
Sun Sep 19 20:13:55 CEST 2010

Maybe this is known, but the CW forge is unreachable for now. 

In a cube I'm working on, I'm trying to use the following:

uicfg.primaryview_section.tag_subject_of(('Bibliotheque', 'conserve', '*'),
#uicfg.primaryview_display_ctrl.tag_subject_of(('Bibliotheque', 'conserve', 
                                                    {'vid': 'cotebibliview'})

With the second line commented out, if I display the primary view of a 
Bibliotheque with more than a few conserve relations, I see the [see them all] 
link, but not the view I want. If I uncomment the second line, I get the 
correct view, but not the [see them all] link so I don't have all the items I 

If this is not a known bug, I'll add a ticket on the forge when it is back up. 

Question: how can I tell CW that I always want to see all the related elements 
on the "Bibliotheque conserve" relation in the primary view? 

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