[Cubicweb] Installing yams: bugs in MANIFEST.in etc.

Dr.Leo stefan.pankoke at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 13 21:33:03 CEST 2010


as you could imagine, it did not work out of the box as 
cubicweb/setup.py broke when trying to install fyzz. Well, I have 
manually installed fyz with pip. Then I installed successfully 
logilab-common. However, when pip-installing yams, it raised the same 
valueError as yesterday with CW. Deleting the '/' after the first path 
in line 4 of MANIFEST.in fixes it.

This reveals another bug: Processing the build scripts yams-check and 
yams-view on Windows requires these files to be named yams-check.bat. 
Don't know why they have no .py file extension. Here, they have just no 
extension. Writing corresponding .bat files with a single line "python 
yams-check" and "python yams-view" helps. yams is now installed and I 
have just successfully imported cubicweb, however ugly the .bat files 
may be.

That's it for today.

No, wait! One more question: everything is here installed in egg files 
rather than normal package directories. cubicweb requires around 10 MB. 
thanks for saving my HD memory. But What about speed???


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