[Cubicweb] cubicweb and the well-known calendar sharing use-case

Olivier CAYROL (LOGILAB) olivier.cayrol at logilab.fr
Mon Jan 25 12:30:00 CET 2010

>>> * how to we refer to a single event?
>> I do not understand the question. Let me try to answer "by its url".
> sounds like a good answer. But I thought that one url == one rdf file
> == multiple events. Is that right ?

The set of events has an URL (which is used to download it) but each
event has also its own URL that allows its unique identification.

>>> * how do we get updates on this event?
>> Reload the RDF file and see if event identified by the same url has
>> changed.
> you've just told it wasn't modifiable.

Not modifiable here but it can be modified on the other side of the
Internet where the events are published.


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