[Cubicweb] cw et dépôts ubuntu

Adrien Chauve adrien.chauve at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 20:28:15 CET 2010


Here is a bug when you want to install CW on Karmic (32 and 64) using
Logilab repositories.
I got the following errors trying to install 'cubicweb-common' package :

- when I activated only Logilab Karmic repository:
        cubicweb-common depends on python-logilab-mtconverter, python-yams
and python-rql but they are not installable (in fact they are not in the
karmic repo).

- when I activated both Karmic and Jaunty repositories:
        There is still an error because python-rql, yet present in the repo,
cannot be installed because it depends on libgecode-12 and it's libgecode-17
that comes in the Ubuntu repositories.

Of course the installation using the mercurial forest is ok.
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