[Cubicweb] installing cubicweb from pypi

Yann Cointepas yann at sapetnioc.org
Thu Feb 25 00:58:37 CET 2010


I am also new to CubicWeb and I also encountered some difficulties in
installing it. I would not have made it without an opportunity to meet
Logilab people a few weeks ago. Since we are a small group of neuroimaging
research labs who wish to test CubicWeb, I wrote an installation wiki for
internal use. Feel free to use, copy, comment or ignore this document (that
may be obsolete tomorrow with the 3.6.1 release):  CubicWeb wiki for
BrainVISA developers<https://brainvisa:Soma2009%40brainvisa@bioproj.extra.cea.fr/redmine/projects/brainvisa-soma/wiki/CubicWeb>


      Yann Cointepas

P.S. Do not worry about the visible login and password in the link, they are

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 10:17 PM, Sylvain Thénault <
sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr> wrote:

> On 24 février 21:53, Michael Connors wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> Hi Michael,
> > I am new to cubic web. I was wondering if using setuptools to install
> > cubicweb is not supported. I attempted to install the framework via
> > easy_install under Ubuntu and I discovered that dependencies such as yams
> > and logilab.common are not specified in the setup.py files. When I
> consulted
> > the documentation I found nothing about easy_install. I think I have
> > everything now except cubicweb-dev which I did not manage to find in pypi
> > yet.
> supporting easy_install is planned but not yet done unfortunatly. The
> currently
> supported installation method are via debian/ubuntu packages or using the
> mercurial
> forests.
> > Also discovered this small bug which I think may have been triggered
> because
> > I tried to create a cube (cubicweb-ctl newcube test) without cubicweb-dev
> > installed.
> > Line 331 in cwconfig.py should be:
> >
> > cls.error('unexistant directory in cubes search path: %s'
> yup, it have been already fixed in the mercurial repository, and will be
> fixed
> in the 3.6.1 version that should be released tomorrow.
> > Sorry if the mailing list is the wrong place for this, I cannot (or
> cannot
> > see how to) create a ticket in Cubicweb's Forge.
> this mailing list is a right place. If you are registered to the
> cubicweb.org
> web site, you'll be able to add ticket soon (currently, we're granting
> permissions
> to add tickets to user who ask for it, but this will change in a near
> future so
> that every registered user can add tickets).
> Regards,
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