[Cubicweb] Installation issue: dependence problem involving python-rql

aurélien campéas aurelien.campeas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 12:15:38 CET 2010

2010/12/16 Marko Loparic <marko.loparic at gmail.com>

> Hi,

Hello Marko,

> Could you please suggest me something to do to solve this dependency issue?
> cubicweb -> cubicweb-server -> cubicweb-common -> python-rql (>=
> 0.27.0) but 0.26.0-1 is to be installed
> (see command-line section below) I had already added Logilab's gnupg
> key and run apt-get update.
> I am using Ubuntu 8.04, hardy. If using a newer version of Ubuntu can
> help, I am ready to make the upgrade, since hardy is becoming quite
> old actually. I didn't try this yet because, by chance, hardy is the
> one mentioned in http://docs.cubicweb.org/admin/setup.

Hardy is old indeed and it is likely a missing package pb.

If you can stick to a recent Ubuntu release it will help a lot I believe,
since there may be some roadblocks to build this package for Hardy ( the
actual issue with rql is that it tries to use gecode ( a c++ constraint
solver ) and the gecode that ships on Hardy is old. The logilab.constraint
package can be used alternatively when using a source based environment).

Hence, if you insist on working on hardy, one possible working path is to
use the sources.

You may want to clone cubicweb and use the cw/bin/clone_deps.py script to
fetch all public cubes, and then manually install rql.

(but not sure if it is worth the pain wrt switching to something more

> Nicolas suggested me to to make some experiments with cubicweb and to
> ask for help on this list. I will certainly have a lot of questions.
> Contrary to many of my colleagues I did not have the opportunity to
> follow Aurélien's course on the tool. If you can help that will be
> great. If not, you can keep my messages as a Noel story of a user
> trying to play with cubicweb... Besides cubicweb, suggestions on how
> to use apt tools more wisely are also more than welcome!

We will help of course. Just ask questions as they come.
Don't forget http://docs.cubicweb.org/
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