[Cubicweb] Link or merge two instances?

Fletcher, John P j.p.fletcher at aston.ac.uk
Tue Dec 14 00:22:35 CET 2010


I have tried a query of the form  rql('Any X WHERE X eid 1380')

I get this result for eids which I know correspond to 
<empty resultset for 'Any X WHERE X eid 1380'>

although I had this when I thought I was loading it in:
<Entity Card 1380 ['modification_date', 'title', 'wikiid', 'creation_date', 'content', 'cwuri', 'synopsis', 'content_format'] at 62055824>

When I do the same query on an eid I know is a card I get:
>>> rql('Any X WHERE X eid 1400')
<resultset 'Any X WHERE X eid 1400' (1 rows): [1400] (('Card',))>

It looks as though the cards went in enough to be assigned an eid but did not actually get there.

For the import I was doing this (in case that is in error)

import pickle
for card in pickle.load(file('/tmp/out.pickle')):
    create_entity('Card', **card)

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On 12 décembre 18:46, Fletcher, John P wrote:
> Adrien
> Thank you for this help.  I have got around to trying it out over the weekend.
> I now have imported my cards into the second instance and
> I know they are there because the card id numbers make sense.
> A new card created in the instance has the number after the last one created by pickle.
> However, they do not show up in the web interface at all.
> Do I need to reindex something and if so what is the command?

nothing should be necessary. Can you try to query your cards using rql('Card X') in a c-c shell ?

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