[Cubicweb] Are there tools in CubicWeb to build a wiki?

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Thu Dec 2 00:00:28 CET 2010

On 01 décembre 21:56, Fletcher, John P wrote:
> Dear all
> I still cannot resolve the question of :card:`something` links.  I have looked at the text in cube/card/schema.py and the content field is defined like this:
>     content  = RichString(fulltextindexed=True, internationalizable=True,
>                           default_format='text/rest')
> However, when I actually create a new card I cannot see any control to define a content text format, to choose ReST.  I wonder if something is missing from my configuration, or the version from the Ubuntu Lucid distribution does not work in the same way.

I may have an idea:
go to your personnal preferences (or site configuration) through the menu hidden behind your login name (in the top right),
and deactivate wysiwyg editor and set default text format to text/rest.

The pb may be that it try to use fckeditor which isn't installed on your box.
When using fckeditor, there is no combo to select text format since it's necessary html.
And when fckeditor isn't available or is broken somehow, you usually get a bare text area instead
so it's not obvious at all.

If this is actually the pb, it's a bug, it should not try to use fckeditor when not available. 
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