[Cubicweb] Sens du message registry path .../etc/cubicweb.d/ doesn't exist

An Rl francois.role at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 18:30:42 CEST 2009


J'ai installe les sources depuis la foret Mercurial  et lancé ensuite
./cubicweb_forest/cubicweb/bin/cubicweb-ctl list

Au debut tout se passe bien mais ça finit sur le message :  No application
available: registry path  .../etc/cubicweb.d/ doesn't exist

Ca ne doit pas être grave. Pouvez-vous m'aider à finaliser l'installation.


L'output exact :

./cubicweb_forest/logilab/constraint/propagation.py:23: UserWarning: Psyco
could not be loaded. Psyco is a Python just in time compiler available at
http://psyco.sf.net Installing it will enhance the performance of
  from logilab.constraint.psyco_wrapper import Psyobj

CubicWeb version: 3.3.0
Detected mode: dev

Available configurations:
* twisted
    web application (in a twisted web server) client of a RQL server
* repository
    standalone RQL server
* all-in-one
    repository and web application in the same twisted process

Available cubes (/home/frole/cubicweb_forest/cubes):
* accounting  0.1.0
* addressbook 1.4.0
* apycot      1.1.0
* zone        1.2.0

No application available: registry path   .../etc/cubicweb.d/ doesn't exist
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