[PATCH 00 of 11 cubicweb/debian] Update Debian packaging for 3.27

Denis Laxalde denis.laxalde at logilab.fr
Fri Jun 14 10:25:46 CEST 2019

The series looks good to me. It builds fine in a buster sbuild
(https://jenkins.intra.logilab.fr/job/pkg-from-dsc/404/ for those who
can read this). So I'll probably apply it soon unless there are further

Looking at what the packaging now looks like, I have a couple of
questions for the next steps:

* python3-cubicweb has explicit Depends:, shouldn't we only keep
  ${python3:Depends} and let pybuild generate dependencies from

* what about recommends and suggests: should we keep them (they are
  probably outdated)?

* I think python3-cubicweb-pyramid should be merged into
  python3-cubicweb because we dropped all other web backend in default

* Does the cubicweb-ctl package still makes sense? /usr/bin/cubicweb-ctl
  is shipped with python3-cubicweb and there is not init script or
  systemd service file installed.

* Can we drop the transitional packages?

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