[PATCH] [fix] allow to run migrations of CW database before 3.24

Laurent Peuch cortex at worlddomination.be
Tue Jun 4 09:51:41 CEST 2019

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 11:01:00AM +0200, Denis Laxalde wrote:
> Laurent Peuch a écrit :
> > # HG changeset patch
> > # User Laurent Peuch <cortex at worlddomination.be>
> > # Date 1559087484 -7200
> > #      Wed May 29 01:51:24 2019 +0200
> > # Node ID 580c0a8681050ed789fbe1837c6cf2b9f45f9a21
> > # Parent  6b314fc558ed33e09ff453053c6d0097e6232f95
> > [fix] allow to run migrations of CW database before 3.24
> > 
> > The big problem is that in 3.24 the "asource" column of entities has been
> > removed from the database schema. This is not a problem in itself, the problem
> > is that some migration operation like "add_attribute" will modify the entities
> > columns and past 3.24 will try to insert values without the asource column (as
> > expected) but ... if you are migrating an old DB, you'll still have this
> > asource column and this "add_attribute" (or other similar operations) will
> > fails because "asource" is a non-null column and "add_attribute" won't provide
> > a value for it anymore.
> I don't understand how this would happen. In changeset 054a947b5415
> (linked below), there's a migration step doing 'ALTER TABLE entities
> DROP COLUMN asource'. So the column shouldn't be there anymore.
> Or am I missing something?

Indeed, it's quite a mixed of different issues:
* indeed asource is droped in 3.24
* but, all the operation that works on the entities table are modified
  and will work *without* asource in ALL situations

By consequence, if you try to run a migration before 3.24 that works
on the entities table, CW code will generate SQL queries that don't
take the "asource" column into account (because this has been removed
from all the code without taking into account if the 3.24 migration
has been run or not) and since "asource" can't be null, sql
constrains fail and the migration can't run.

So it's really a story about desynchronisation between how CW
generates queries regarding the entities table after this changeset
and if the 3.24 migration has been run or not :/


Laurent Peuch -- Bram

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