Summary of June 21st and 22nd

Laurent Wouters lwouters at
Fri Jun 22 19:29:27 CEST 2018

Dear all,

This is a quick recap of what was going on this week on my end.

Following a face to face meeting with Adrien and David regarding the
review of the awaiting works on RQL and GraphQL, and on their advice, I
have moved the GraphQL implementation for CubicWeb onto a new cube so
that it does not necessitate an integration into the CubicWeb's code
base. The sources for the new cube are available at . (Should there
be a clone on Logilab's forge?) As of this writing, the cube works as
expected when added to a cubicweb instance. It provides a GraphQL
querier API, as well as a web API endpoint (see the README at the
repository's root for examples). I'll take some time to think about and
implement a few usage scenarios that show the potential advantages or

Regarding the ongoing work on the generic web client in React, things
are progressing a bit in the meantime with the first implementation of a
working client for the hypermedia API in OCaml and its use in the Reason
React application (still very simple). We should see more progress next



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