Summary of June 4th to 8th

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Sat Jun 9 00:49:30 CEST 2018

On Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 07:52:26PM +0200, Laurent Wouters wrote:
> [...]

Nice ! :)

> What do you think?

Could you be more specific about the DSL you mention ? Would you have
examples of what you have in mind ?

> I also found some work regarding a browser plugin that seems to act as a client for the web of data. Is it related to the efforts described above?

Yes. What Hugo and I had working was:

(1) clone repositories
(2) use a command-line command to activate/deactivate the views
    then rebuild the extension and load it into the browser
(3) browse the web, see the extension icon light up when it detects data in HTML
(5) click on the extension icon to switch to "data browser mode" that
    would display an overlay above the HTML page with a rendition of
    the generic data browser where you can chose your own view among
    the ones you activated at build time

I would like us to search how to combine this and the generic
hypermedia API client written by Frank. Since a generic hypermedia
client and a browser extension seem to be two different things, I
gather the views might be shared between the two, but let us look for
ideas to figure out how to better integrate both!

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